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Red Hat OpenShift : Day 1 Install Guide

By Anuj Tuli, Chief Technology Officer Here are the steps to installing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform from scratch, for your lab or dev environments. We will walk through setting up the OC cluster with 1 master ...
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Closed Loop Automation

Closed-Loop Automation: A Primer

By Anuj Tuli, Chief Technology Officer As the industry moves towards self-healing containers, agile applications, and seamless infrastructures, there is an impending need for setting up auto-remediation of incidents and configuration drifts. Infrastructure and Operations teams have ...
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Apples and oranges: comparing virtual machines (VMs) and containers

By Anuj Tuli, Chief Technology Officer Organizations are always looking to improve efficiencies within their infrastructure.  One such area where organizations look to make improvements centers around what to use to run their applications:  virtual machines or ...
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Businessman holding shield protect icon, Concept cyber security safe your data

Security Considerations for Modern Applications

As application architectures evolve to accommodate current trends and technologies, the security model needs to evolve with them. The developer and operations teams need to think about securing various aspects of the application lifecycle. Organizations should consider ...
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Your DevOps Journey: Building consensus when dealing with multiple stakeholders

At Keyva we believe it is incredibly important to meet our clients where they are in their digital transformation journey. We get that there are a lot of moving parts involved with your initiatives, and adopting DevOps ...
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New IT Consulting Firm Helps Businesses Prioritize Innovation

Minneapolis, MN – Keyva, a new IT innovation consulting firm, opened its doors for business today. Keyva is the vision of technology industry veteran, Jaime Gmach, who founded the company to help businesses free up more time ...
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An Executive Perspective on Automation by Jaime Gmach

As a technology industry veteran of 35 years and business owner for the past 24, I have had an opportunity to experience many different trends in technology throughout my career. From the growth of the personal computer, ...
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DevOps: An operating system for IT in today’s organizations

DevOps is not a physical or virtual product, nor a cloud based offering. It is a set of processes (a framework) implemented in organizations to establish seamless communications between Development and Operations teams, primarily used to roll ...
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