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How to set up a Kubernetes cluster on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Let us look at setting up a Kubernetes cluster with 1 master node (kubemaster.bpic.local) and 2 worker nodes (kubenode1.bpic.local, kubenode2.bpic.local) on VMware based RHEL 7 instances.  We have set up an additional user (other than root) on ...
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Step-by-step guide: Set up a Windows worker node for Kubernetes cluster

By Anuj Tuli, Chief Technology Officer Typically when you hear about containers and Kubernetes, it is in the context of Linux or Unix platforms. But there are a large number of organizations that use Windows and .NET ...
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ServiceNow App for Red Hat Ansible Tower “NOW Certified” against Orlando release

By Anuj Tuli, CTO Keyva announces the certification of their ServiceNow App for Red Hat Ansible Tower against the Orlando release (latest release) of ServiceNow. ServiceNow announced its release of Orlando on January 23rd, 2020, which is the newest version in the long line ...
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A Message From Our CEO

By Jaime Gmach, CEO As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, we wanted to give you a brief update about the steps we have taken to protect our employees, clients and partners.  We have updated our policies ...
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Build custom Red Hat Ansible modules: pexpect

By Brad Johnson, Lead DevOps Engineer When developing automation you may be faced with challenges that are simply too complicated or tedious to accomplish with Ansible alone. There may even be cases where you are told that ...
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Kong API

Kong Enterprise – How to Setup the Rate Limiting Advanced Plugin

Kong Enterprise provides you the ability to rate limit the traffic for various objects using the Rate Limiting Advanced Plugin. In the example below, we will rate limit a service fronted by Kong Enterprise.   We will use ...
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Red Hat Ansible

Comparing Ansible AWX (community) to Red Hat Ansible Tower

We talk with our clients daily about the differences between opensource, community software and their enterprise software counterparts. Those discussions usually involve feature & functionality comparisons, as well as technical scalability, supportability, and cost. Recently, a local ...
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Setting up Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) with Kong Enteprise

If you’ve used the community version of the Kong API gateway, you have probably noticed that anyone that knows the server name or IP for your Kong community API gateway can access and modify existing objects including ...
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