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Our Approach


When it comes to knowing their tech environment, our clients are experts. But as a business grows and expands, the technologies get more complex and difficult to manage. We know it’s easy to lose sight of all the applications, workloads, hardware, clouds and anything else that keeps your company rolling. After a while, you’re just trying to tactically manage IT, rather than always thinking multiple steps ahead of where you are today.

When working with Keyva, each assessment is different. Every client is different. They’re at different stages of automation, devops and cloud adoption. We take the time to get to know each and every organization before providing a formal assessment or recommendations.

How Our Assessments Work:

Our assessments and recommendations are just a starting point to helping our clients to develop a more agile IT department. At Keyva, we keep a vendor agnostic view of your needs. We want to make the recommendations that are best suited for your needs, which means knowing many options available and doing the research for you.

Strategy & Future State

Strategy is sometimes a word thrown around without any meaning. Our consultants at Keyva are essentially focused on the needs, processes and steps to move you towards a desirable agile future state. This future state expectation is different for every company no matter their size, industry or current state of technology.

With a focus on the future state of your technology, we help you:

  1. Eliminate the chances of human error. This isn’t to say that your team of highly successful technologists are doing anything wrong. We find value in helping our clients not only reduce unnecessary errors, but also have documented tracking of changes or updates.
  2. Accomplish more with less. A big point of developing a strategy is to have a plan that helps you move forward. As budgets are scrutinized more and more and resources are reduced over time, automating simple and complex processes becomes even more critical.
  3. Reduce costs. We cant guarantee that automation will save you up-front costs, but you’ll see it more in the long-run. We can help develop dashboards that show automation status and real-time cost savings and value over time.

When a strong, documented strategy is in place, each of your technologists know what direction they are moving towards. Keyva’s consultants are ready to help you get moving in the right direction.

Design & Architecture

Admittedly, a strategy is nothing without a tactical blueprint on how to move forward. Some of the best strategies fail because of poor planning. Keyva helps you through the design and architecture stages following a strategic decision.

Designing an end-to-end automation architecture is unique and individual to every single company. Keyva’s architects will spend the time to design the perfect plan that fits the scope and requirements of your project.

Requirements & Scope

Our team will meet with you to learn the exact needs of the project. What’s the problem today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? Where do you want to be in the future? What are your expectations? Answering questions like these helps the Keyva team narrow down the project to the exact specifications.

Current Architecture, Infrastructure and Software

We work within the parameters of your current platforms, while also making recommendations for new ones that can bridge the gap in your automation journey. Often, we find that our clients aren’t using many of the platforms the currently have to their full extent. We can help get the full use out of products you already own, while making them work for your specific needs.

Automation Tools

There are a massive number of tools out there and each one claims they can solve all of your problems around cloud, automation, DevOps and more. We take a vendor agnostic approach to our design. Keyva technologists are constantly learning about platforms and tools that can help our clients. We recommend tools that actually fit your needs and work with you, not just the latest flash-in-the-pan.


Once we’ve done all the pre-automation work like defining a strategy and outlining the plan and design, we can execute on the details. Our Keyva teams work closely with our clients to make sure every step of the implementations are precise and documented. We provide all the necessary details and knowledge transfer to help businesses continue running smoothly after every engagement.

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