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Service Now - ICOS



Initiate IBM Cloud Object Storage actions for manager or objects from ServiceNow™ Catalog Items

Keyva’s ServiceNow App for IBM Cloud Object Storage allows users to kick-off actions in ICOS from ServiceNow Catalog Requests. Users have the flexibility to configure custom triggers; for example, you can initiate an ICOS action from a Change ticket, an Incident ticket, or even a custom ServiceNow App. A user can also configure specific conditions for the launch; for example, when the Status field of a record is set to a particular value. The ability to trigger an action in ICOS via a ticket status change allows for any approvals that customers have defined to happen within ServiceNow before executing the defined provisioning or update action from IBM Cloud Object Storage.

With this integration, you can:

    • Trigger IBM Cloud Object Storage actions from ServiceNow Catalog Requests, Change Requests, Incident Requests, and more
    • Accelerate adoption of ICOS as the storage management platform
    • Allow ServiceNow teams the ability to fulfill IT storage requests via ICOS
    • Easily map field values in a ServiceNow record and pass them as arguments to the ICOS action
    • Leverage best practices integration methodology to integrate disparate domain tools
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