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ServiceNow - Red Hat OpenShift Integration




Initiate powerful OpenShift jobs from the ServiceNow™ Catalog

Keyva’s ServiceNow App for Red Hat OpenShift container application platform allows users to kick-off application build jobs in OpenShift from ServiceNow Catalog Requests. Users have the flexibility to configure custom triggers – for example, you can initiate an OpenShift build job from a Change ticket, an Incident ticket, or even a custom ServiceNow App. Users can also configure specific conditions for the launch, when the Status field of a record is set to a particular value. This allows for any approvals that customers have defined to happen within ServiceNow, before implementing the defined deployment job from OpenShift.

With this integration, you can:

  • · Trigger Red Hat OpenShift build jobs from ServiceNow Catalog Requests, Change Requests, Incident Requests, and more
  • · Accelerate the adoption of Red Hat OpenShift Container Application Platform as the container platform of choice
  • · Allow ServiceNow teams the ability to fulfill IT automation requests via OpenShift
  • · Easily map field values in ServiceNow record and pass them as arguments to OpenShift build job
  • · Leverage best practices integration methodology to integrate disparate domain tools
  • · Get fully supported integration built using best practices in specific domains
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Where to From Here? 

Download our ServiceNow Certified App Integration for Red Hat OpenShift on the ServiceNow App Store and integrate ServiceNow and Red Hat OpenShift today!

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