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Installation Guide: Ansible & Ansible Tower – Day 1

This technical guide will walk you through the installations of Ansible v2.4.2.0, an open source configuration management and deployment tool, and Ansible Tower (web layer for Ansible) v3.4.1 on a RHEL 7 virtual machine. Ansible Tower is ...
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What is Microservices Architecture?

You may have heard the term Microservices when talking about applications, and some cases even when talking about underlying infrastructure. If you’ve worked with any OOPS language, you must be familiar with the concept of abstraction and ...
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Installing Kong: A First Day Guide

If you’ve tried to install Kong from scratch, you know that it is a little more involved than what is posted on the official website guide. There are some pre-requisites that the system needs to be set ...
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Avoid Cloud & Container Vendor Lock-In

We’ve all heard that containers and cloud technologies help us avoid lock-ins. While most of that is true, you could be unintentionally locking yourself to a particular technology or framework, if you are not careful. Let’s talk ...
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3 Steps to Achieving Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Nirvana

You might’ve heard this before – CMDB should be the single source of truth. But what does that mean? And how can you achieve it? With all the different third party applications in your environment, you might ...
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Configuration Drift : The Bane of Continuous Deployments

If you have tried setting up a DevOps pipeline to achieve continuous deployment, and ran into configuration drift issues –  you will know the pains quite well. A consistent and uniform configuration is a prerequisite to any ...
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Application Modernization: A Path to Cloud-Native

Over the last few years, we’ve all been exposed to different meanings of the word “Cloud”. Similarly, other terms like “Application Development” and “Application Modernization” are sometimes used nebulously as well. Application Development could mean a few ...
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2018 DORA Report Review

by Anuj Tuli, Chief Technology Officer If you haven’t gotten a chance to review this year’s DORA report, check it out below. It has great information on Software Delivery Performance, Organizational Performance on DevOps, and trends around ...
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